Remarkable team.
Remarkable software.

Jayesh Gopalan

Jayesh is a sales and business guy. He is responsible for Business Development, Marketing & Sales and focused on exploring Classpro's growth opportunities.

Vijay Suryawanshi

Vijay is a technologist, designer and sales guy. He loves to create beautifully functioning applications and sites. He believes in simplicity.

Deepak Dargade

Deepak is a technologist, Ruby (on Rails) fanatic guy. He believes that simple code leads to robust applications. He also writes code and articles about Ruby on Rails.

Sameer Shaikh

Priti Pathak

Prakriti Sharma

Sonal Kode

Aravind Vemula

Akash Gupta

Abhilesh Kumar

Shrinkhala Mishra

Yoganand Ghatge

Deepak Nayak

Sachin Gopalan

Yagnesh Dudhmal

Sameer Guglani
Mentor and Advisor

Co-Founder @ The Morpheus / Entrepreneur / Sanaa's Dad / Blogger.

Nandini Hiranniah
Mentor and Advisor

Co-founder, The Morpheus, Entrepreneur, Sanaa's Mom, Social Media Freak, Measurable Marketing-Sales techniques fan & Theater Enthusiast.